Spring Tulip Centerpiece

Spring Tulip Centerpiece

April 2, 2019

The tulip is one of my favorite parts of Spring. I grew up in West Michigan which has deep Dutch roots. In Holland, Michigan each year, they hold a large tulip festival with over 5 million blooms and about 500,000 guests. It is such a cool experience! Since attending this, I have always been a fan of the beautiful and simplistic blooms of tulips. I love the long sweeping leaves with the beautiful buds up top. I love how tight the buds form and how they spring open. And I love how they are both elegant and welcoming.

My local Kroger carries tulips often in the $5 flower bucket and I am always sure to scoop up a bunch. They do not need much to be beautiful, but there are a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way to help keep them blooming and strong for as long as possible.

Clean Vase

It is always important to start with a very clean vase. You do not want to clutter up the stems of the tulips with unnecessary bits of dust and dirt. A clean vase ensure they are only taking up the good stuff — the water.

Clean Water

Clean, cool, and fresh water will help prolong the life of your cut tulips. Change out the water for new water daily. Be sure when you change the water to wipe or rinse out any debris that may have accumulated over the past day.

Angled Cut

As with all cut flowers, it is best to cut the bottom of the stem on an angle. This ensures the stem will not lay flat against the bottom of the vase, which would limit the stem’s ability to uptake water and keep the plant thriving. Remember to keep it cut on an angle! To keep the water flowing best, you can make a new cut when you change the water out. Just a small bit (~1/4 – 1/2″) off the bottom of the stem will do!

Keep it Cool

Cut flower are especially susceptible to wilting. Be sure to keep your vase of tulips out of direct sunlight and in a cool room. Exposure to harsh sunlight or a room with high temperatures will exhaust the plant and cause it to lose its luster. Know that once tulip blooms open, the stem will naturally bend to the side — this is normal! Enjoy the free spirit of the flower.

Now that you know the best tips and tricks for keeping tulips alive the longest, I hope you can enjoy your beautiful Spring blooms for weeks and weeks! Keep your eyes open for the steal at your local grocery store and keep your home looking beautiful. Happy Spring!


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